Complex sound design, surgical editing,

and body disintegration beats


A vast array of Patcher presets included with all editions of FL STUDIO


A wide range of generators and utilities from the most basic and useful devices like the MegaDrum Series (random drum generators) or AeroPad (ambient pad designer) to more advanced generative units such as Wobbler (wobbling parameter editor) or Midivore (real-time key locker / limiter)

Be sure to UPDATE FL STUDIO to the latest version, there might be just be what you've been looking for to add to your productions and develop further your sound design !


Multi-Out Drumkit Manager

Preset using the Drumful Treasure FLEX pack to easily manage multi-out drumkits and change samples on the fly or even automate sample index

> NOTE: This pack requires FL STUDIO 20.8 or later and to download Drumful Treasure inside FLEX.

> MegaDrum Series

A complete set of randomized drum sound generation using Drumpad and BassDrum (Maxx plugins) which is in fact seeded random generation so you can easily share you favorite drum sound with friends and other users

Presets : KickMachine - AutoSnare - AutoClap - Magic-Hat - PercSeed - Infinitom - Cymbalism

> AeroPad

Ambient Oriented Pad Generator

This tool helps you create pad sounds and customize specific aspects of the output sound

> Drumbass

Bass Drum Generator

Build your own bass drums, tonal drums, tonal percs, 808's, and other bass instruments with this preset designed to ease access to common parameters used when crafting such sounds

> LayerMor

Harmor 4x Layer

Control 4 instances of Harmor at once with this layer tool and customize your sounds using the numerous combinations of the various available parameters

> Midivore

Key Scaled Instrument Layer

Lock a key to build your melodies or chord progressions, or even change key / mode of any existing track / melody you can imagine

> Plucker and YottaSaw

Plucker : Key based plucked chords

YottaSaw : Key Based saw chords (Supersaw)

Plucker : Key based plucked chords

Set a key and play plucked chords / plucked chord progressions with only a few clicks with the preset specifically build for that purpose

YottaSaw : Key Based saw chords (Supersaw)

As in Plucker, set a key and play chords / chord progressions with only a few clicks with the preset specifically build for that purpose, 80's club feelings guaranteed :)

> Randomless

Pseudo Random Harmless Preset Generator

Generate billions of presets with this util designed to (seeded) randomize controls / parameters in some Harmless instance

> Reezor

Reese Bass / Detuned lead synth

One knob reese bass for you, this preset using Harmor at its core can also be used for detuned lead melodies as well

> SplitKit

Split Keyboard Template

Complete split keyboard solution to instantly start drafting compositions in one Piano Roll, the keyboard is crowded with quite a decent pack of tools

> Vocatcher

Vocal Synth

This generator preset will help you building vocal-like lead melodies in little to no time with just a few clicks

> Wobbler

Wobble Machine

Create completely customized wobbling basses or pulsating polyphonic keyboards using this simplified yet extremely powerful tool